What to expect from Laptop sales on Black Friday 2021

What to expect from Laptop sales on Black Friday 2021

For now, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know to get the best possible deal when the time comes. Read on as we tell you when the best Black Friday laptop deals will be available this year, which machines are likely to get the biggest discounts, and which retailers traditionally have the top offers. You’ll find everything you need to know to grab a bargain this Black Friday. Is it really worth all this preparation? We think so. Last year, laptops were one of the top three most searched for products with “Black Friday” in the query (Semrush). Ecommerce sales in November and December reached a staggering $188billion for the first time, according to data from Adobe, with $9 billion online sales happening on Black Friday alone.

And don’t forget, November isn’t the only time of year to find a laptop deal – there are plenty of decent price drops throughout the year. (You’ll find some of our favorite laptops and today’s best prices for them further down this page – jump straight there.)

There are also always plenty of early discounts in the weeks leading up to the main event – some from as early as mid-late October. But the best deals happen in the week of Black Friday. And that’s a pattern we expect to see repeating again this year. (We’ll be rounding up all the best laptop Black Friday deals here, first, so bookmark this page and keep checking back.)

When will the best Black Friday laptop deals start in 2021?
Black Friday falls on November 26th this year, but we expect to see some juicy discounts on laptops before then. Traditionally the biggest discounts are released on the day itself, and while that’s still a good bet, in recent years we’ve seen laptop retailers increasingly launching their Black Friday pricing earlier, at the beginning of Thanksgiving week.

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  • It’s worth waiting for Black Friday laptop deals. We track laptop prices all year round and consistently see many of the biggest discounts during the holiday shopping season in November. When this year’s sales start, you’ll be able to find all the very best laptop Black Friday deals right here. Whether you want a Windows laptop, a Chromebook or a MacBook, we’ll have you covered. There’s still just under two months to go, though. Black Friday 2021 doesn’t officially start until November 26. And while we do expect to see a few laptop deals in the early Black Friday sales, we’re still a ways off from the big event.

  • With global ecommerce sales projected to increase 26.7 per cent year-on-year to $4.891 trillion in 2021 (Statista), we’re expecting more online laptop deals over Black Friday this year than ever before. But more people will be shopping for them than ever before, too. So, it’s well worth preparing yourself for the oncoming deals deluge. We’ll be updating this page regularly in the run-up to Black Friday, so once you’ve read our pro tips for what to expect and how to find the best deal, bookmark this page so you don’t miss the latest news and advice.

Last year, the trend towards earlier deals was even more pronounced thanks to the pandemic, with laptop pricing dropping slowly between late October and mid November, before plummeting at the start of Thanksgiving week. It then stayed low into the first week of December.

That’s very different to how it used to be, when prices would drop sharply on the day itself and then quickly rise again. Retailers had an incentive to run their Black Friday laptop sales earlier last year, of course. According to data from Adobe Analytics, the pandemic accelerated the shift to online shopping, with more than a 50% increase in 2020 compared to 2019. With many bricks and mortar stores closed, and more people than ever shopping online – plus with Covid-19 causing logistical challenges such as shipping delays – it made sense for retailers to spread the deals out.

Whether we see this year’s Black Friday laptop deals starting as early as last year, we don’t know, but our money’s on retailers looking to space their best offers out once again. As always, we recommend having your eyes peeled and checking this page from late October / early November just to be safe. Where will the best Black Friday laptop deals be?
You’ll find all the best Black Friday laptop deals here, of course, as soon as they drop. However, some retailers are better than others for laptop discounts, and it can be helpful to know which online stores are good for what. We’ve listed the retailers we most recommend shopping at for laptop deals over Black Friday – they’re worth browsing in the run-up, to get a feel for current, pre-deal pricing on any machines you’re interested in.

Amazon: often the cheapest laptops in the UK
Argos: home delivery or pick up a cheap laptop locally today
Currys: free delivery, plus a wide selection of laptops
Dell: get a great laptop deal direct from Dell
John Lewis: extended warranties on premium laptops Which laptops will be discounted for Black Friday?
By November, the latest Windows laptops with 11th gen Intel Core processors should be much more widely available, so it’s likely we’ll see not just more widespread discounts on these machines, but also on the now older 10th gen machines too. We could, possibly, also have new M1 Apple Macbooks by November too, which could potentially mean some juicy price cuts on the first generation machines.

When you’re browsing through Black Friday laptop deals, be aware that a lot of laptop manufacturers and retailers are trying to get rid of old stock. You’ll see a laptop deal that cuts a huge chunk off the original price, only to find that it has a processor that’s three years old. That’s not necessarily a deal-breaker – even with an Intel Core i7-8500U, you should be able to get some work done. But keep in mind the current generations of laptop hardware. Intel processors should have either a 10 or an 11 in front of their model number – like the Intel Core i7-10710U. That said, 9th-generation processors should still be able to get the job done. Don’t buy an 8th-generation or older Intel Core processor unless it’s a seriously deep discount, though, because that will massively hurt any resale value the machine will have, plus can potentially mean sluggish performance, depending on what you use it for.

Some of the heftiest price cuts may be on machines with these specs, so they could be more than worth it – just remember they aren’t quite the latest models though. As with normal laptops, generous helpings on RAM and SSD capacities are also very useful for gaming laptops – especially if you’re planning on having multiple games installed at once. For more advice, take a look at our Black Friday gaming laptop deals page. If you can’t wait for a Black Friday laptop deal and need to buy a new machine now, there are lots of good-value offers around this autumn. Here, we’ve selected some of our favorite models from our best laptop guide, and you’ll see today’s lowest prices next to each of them. There’s plenty more expert advice for choosing the right laptop in our guide, and more options too – you’ll find a laptop for everyone there, with different features, specs and prices to choose between.

What about Black Friday gaming laptop deals?
If you’re buying a gaming laptop, aim for one with a current-generation Nvidia GPU, too. The Nvidia GeForce 30-series graphics chips are the current top-end, and will let you power ray-tracing in games. However, there is the older RTX 2060, GTX 1660 Ti, and even cheaper GPUs like the GTX 1650, which will still happily chug along quite nicely at 1080p gaming, albeit at lower settings. Finally, a lot of Black Friday laptop deals will try to sell you a laptop without enough RAM. As a general rule of thumb, you should shoot for at least 8GB of RAM on a Windows laptop, and 16GB if you plan on doing any heavy work on it. If you’re buying one of the best Chromebooks, you can get away with 4GB, but 8GB is definitely a boon.