WhatsApp Finally Improves Message Editing Option

WhatsApp Finally Improves Message Editing Option

It’s unclear when this feature will make it to the WhatsApp beta channel either, but we hope it doesn’t take long. Users must long-press a particular message and tap the options key on the top right to open the pop-up. The pop-up contains three options, including the ‘Edit’ button, which sits below ‘Info’ and ‘Copy.’

Premium customers will also have the option to create links using the “wa.me/<business-nameformat. This could do wonders for businesses looking to enhance their brand image through a custom WhatsApp link. While there’s no word on the pricing structure of the new WhatsApp Premium subscription, we expect to learn more about it soon. WhatsApp also has something for non-business customers, i.e., regular users. As per a report last week, customers on the app could soon be able to save disappearing messages. These messages will be stored within a new section named ‘Kept Messages,’ under contact information.

News of this under-development feature came roughly a month after WhatsApp fixed a bug related to disappearing messages. Some users found that WhatsApp would auto-download media content received through disappearing messages. Thankfully, this glitch no longer exists on the app, thus ensuring that disappearing messages work as they should.

Story Highlights

  • WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to make changes to messages after they’ve been delivered. This is a better option than just removing a misspelt message from the app. The new Edit option has yet to arrive in WhatsApp’s beta version. WABetaInfo acquired a snapshot that offers us a quick overview of how the functionality works. Despite the fact that the screenshot appears to be from the Android version of WhatsApp, the site promises that the functionality will ultimately be rolled out to the iOS and desktop versions. This is predicated on WhatsApp making this functionality broadly available, which has yet to be determined.

  • WhatsApp has launched a bunch of new features over the last few weeks, including message reactions. Some of the app’s latest additions are focused on businesses. The Meta-owned chat app will soon unveil a service called WhatsApp Premium, which will include support for up to 10 devices. By contrast, the free version of WhatsApp supports only four devices from one account/phone number.