Where Roe v. Until Dismissed, Ben Sasse Begins to Defend Republicans


These are going to be the magic conjuring words that conservative politicians devoutly hope will protect them from the wrath the expected ruling from their carefully crafted Supreme Court majority will bring down upon them between June and the November midterm elections. They also hope their conjuring words will sufficiently fog the minds of voters so they forget a) that these same senators, most definitely including Young Ben Sasse, have voted against every damn attempt to enact “policies that help mothers, babies, and children,” and b) that Sasse’s truckload of sanctimonious codswallop will have no effect on the Republican governors and the Republican state legislators to whom the Court is prepared to hand the keys to the reproductive kingdom. And those people don’t even have the Reasonable Programming chip that serves Sasse so well in his dealings with the credulous and the dumb.

President Biden’s mega-spending bill is dead and Joe Manchin put the nail in the coffin. This should be a reality check to wild-eyed progressives that they are not the mainstream: With a divided country, a 50-50 Senate, and blowout inflation, the American people don’t want to upend this country with nakedly-partisan legislation. Joe Manchin deserves credit for listening to West Virginians, rather than to bullies and screamers who follow those who disagree into bathrooms and who shut down traffic.

Story Highlights

  • Senator Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska, used the debate Wednesday over whether to codify an expansive right to abortion to ask members of both parties to focus American politics on what he called “an ethic of life” — including more prenatal care and an expanded social safety net for expectant and new mothers. The prospects of a nation where the right to an abortion is no longer guaranteed by the Constitution have become very real after a draft Supreme Court decision came to light that would overturn the decision that recognized that right, Roe v. Wade.Facing a brewing political backlash, some Republicans have tried to reassure Americans that even in states where abortion would become illegal, a new sense of compassion and governmental largess could make it easier for women to bear and raise children. Mr. Sasse asked on the Senate floor as he accused Democrats of promoting “brutal indifference hiding behind euphemisms” by holding on to abortion rights instead of policies that would help mothers, babies and children.

  • Remember the late, lamented Build Back Better bill, with its paid family leave for new mothers, and which would have greatly offset the cost of child care, and made pre-K universal? Certainly, all of that would have helped the “mothers, babies and children” for whom Young Ben Sasse is so deeply concerned. Here was what Ben Sasse had to say on the occasion of BBB’s demise: