While Apple tries to eliminate notch, i iPhone 13 can get additional color options

While Apple tries to eliminate notch, i iPhone 13 can get additional color options

The information comes from leaker Ranzuk citing a Chinese supply chain source. He mentions a fourth color option, silver. He also explains that the sunset gold color will have a bronze feel, while the rose gold variant looks very pale.

This would be achieved “Through-display optical transmission, reception, or sensing through micro-optic elements.” Cupertino also explains that “It may also be desirable to capture a two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) image of an object or user that is proximate to a device.”
“In some cases, the 2D or 3D image may be an image of a fingerprint, a face, or a scene in a field of view (FoV).”

“[An] optical transmitter, optical receiver, optical transceiver, or multiple optical transmitters, receivers and/or transceivers may be positioned behind a device’s display.”
“The optical transmitter, receiver, or sensor may opportunistically transmit or receive light through available translucent apertures in the display stack.”
“Or the display stack may be configured to provide translucent apertures in a deterministic pattern.”
“When an optical transmitter, receiver, or sensor is positioned under a device’s display, a portion of the device’s display surface does not have to be reserved for the optical transmitter, receiver, or sensor.”
“And in some cases, the size of the device’s display may be increased.”

The patent focuses on developing methods to allow any sensor placed under the display to be able to register light received or transmit it.

Story Highlights

  • The latest rumor suggests that there will be more differences between the higher-end iPhone 13 models and the more affordable variants. Indeed, Apple usually gives the Pro models a more refined appearance, and it may keep on doing so by giving us new color options, including sunset gold, mate black, and pale rose gold.

  • Now, iPhone rumors get even more exciting when we hear that Apple may be working to give us under-display Face ID and Touch ID. We know that Apple has been trying to reduce the size of the notch in its current iPhone models, and it seems that it may be getting closer to its goal. Furthermore, a patent shows us that Apple wants to give its users, once again, the possibility of unlocking their phones with their fingerprint, as it wants to put Touch ID inside the screen and get rid of the notch by also integrating Face ID under the display.

Now, these changes may have consequences, as Apple admits that displays may get thicker because of these changes. However, I believe that a thicker iPhone is a price anyone would be willing to pay to get rid of the notch.

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Source 2 Apple Insider Samuel Martinez

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