Why BlackBerry phones no longer work today

Why BlackBerry phones no longer work today

Blackberry isn’t a major device anymore. The last operating system launched in 2013, after all, and plenty of people moved onto Android and Apple devices. Blackberry has remained somewhat irrelevant culturally for years. “The wars waged over BlackBerry use — in the movie theater, at the dinner table, during ballet recitals and T-ball games, while crossing the street.

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  • After Tuesday, your old Blackberry phone will no longer work. Beginning Tuesday, Blackberry will no longer provide support for handsets running BlackBerry 10, 7.1 OS, or previous software, according to CNN. Older Blackberry devices that do not run Android software will not be able to send or receive text messages. You also won’t be able to use the internet or make phone calls, including to emergency numbers like 911. In December 2021, Blackberry announced that its devices would cease to work in January of the following year.

  • foreshadowed the endless tug-of-war for attention and presence that many face in the age of ubiquitous smartphones, social media and Slack,” per The Washington Post. Top celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez all used the device. Per the New York Post, former President Barack Obama refused to give up his Blackberry after becoming president in 2009.