Why Rodgers and Packers were given COVID fines

Why Rodgers and Packers were given COVID fines



For any player who fails or refuses to fully cooperate with an investigation led by the NFL and/or NFLPA regarding compliance: one week’s salary up to $50,000. And for refusal to submit to required virus testing: $50,000.

They are broken down in several categories.

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  • Here’s an explanation of the NFL’s disciplinary procedures and guidelines in the COVID-19 protocols.

  • The NFL, the NFL Players Association and their medical directors and independent infectious disease experts put together the protocols. The discipline for violating them was negotiated, with the league and union reaching agreement on specific fines for players. The NFL determines fines for franchises in violation of the protocols.

For refusal to wear a tracking device when required: $14,650.

An unvaccinated player gathering in any number for any reason with other players and/or members of the club’s staff at a time when the team is “shut down” due to a COVID-19 outbreak is a $50,000 fine.

For any player who is not fully vaccinated, the $14,650 fine applies to: — Gathering outside of the club facility or team travel in groups of more than three players or other individuals.

— Engaging in in-person meetings, practices and/or training activities outside of club facilities with other players and/or staff. — Attending an indoor nightclub (unless the player is wearing personal protective equipment and there are no more than 10 people in the club). Or attending an indoor bar (other than to pick up food, or unless the player is wearing PPE and there are no more than 10 people in the bar).

— House gatherings of more than 15 people without the player and all guests wearing masks or PPE, or where social distancing for the more than fifteen people is impossible. — Attending an indoor music concert/entertainment event. And attending a professional sporting event (other than applicable NFL games or events; or unless the player is seated in a separate section, such as a suite or owner’s box, is wearing PPE and there are no more than 10 people in that separate section).

WHICH OF THESE DID RODGERS AND LAZARD VIOLATE? The NFL was not specific on that, but Rodgers had been seen without a mask at the Packers’ facility, particularly during news conferences.

— Refusal to wear a mask or PPE; and/or maintain physical distancing in club facilities or during travel. — Attending an event that is prohibited by state and/or local regulation or other executive orders or laws implemented due to COVID-19.