Wipeout, the old PlayStation, has been redesigned with iOS and Android


As per publisher’s statement, “Rush isn’t the Wipeout you know. It’s an expanded universe title with wholly different mechanics. But we’ve tried to be respectful of the series we love so much, and we’ve strived to pay tribute to the spectacular games which came before it whenever we could.”

Unlike in the original game that made its debut on PlayStation back in 1995, the reimagined wipEout Rush doesn’t just let you drive futuristic vehicles, but you’ll also take the role of the team manager. You’ll be able to select what ships are more appropriate for a certain track, as well as make sure they are perfectly fit and upgraded to win the race.

For example, players can unlock collectible cards to learn more about ships, teams, pilots, and tracks while progressing through the single-player campaign. At launch, wipEout Rush will feature both Quick Race and Championship Cup game modes, along with five different tracks, 60 legendary Wipeout ships, a plethora of weapons, 12 Championship Cups, and lots of collectibles.

The more races you win, the more currency you earn. Also, new challenges, weapons, and upgrades are unlocked as you progress. According to the developer, some of the lore that made the original Wipeout so much more than just a racing game has been implemented in wipEout Rush through story and collectibles.

Story Highlights

  • One of the most beloved racing franchises, Wipeout, is getting a mobile game later this year. Developed by Amuzo and published by Rogue Games, wipEout Rush is trying to retain the authenticity of the classic game while adding completely different mechanics.
    wipEout Rush artwork

  • That being said, let’s take a deep dive into some of the new features that we can expect from wipEout Rush, a game that’s expected to land on iOS and Android devices later this year. As seen in the announcement trailer, the game blends the fast, futuristic look of the classic franchise with a new comic book-style aesthetic.

wipEout Rush will be playable in portrait mode since it’s been designed for a mobile audience. Also, it will run at 60fps (frames per second) on the most advanced mobile devices.