With 4 Earth Science Lists Listed, Here are NASA’s Best Plans for 2022!

With 4 Earth Science Lists Listed, Here are NASA's Best Plans for 2022!

TROPICS: Scheduled for July 2022, it aims to deliver accurate tropical storm measurements using 6 bread-loaf-sized satellites. They will carry a miniature microwave radiometer instrument to calculate precipitation, temperature and humidity every 50 minutes during a storm. Also Read – Swiss Army Bans Use of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram Over Security Concerns. Details Here

JPSS-2: This joint-mission between NASA & NOAA will join JPSS in collecting data through satellites. Together, they will forecast extreme storms several days in advance and monitor floods, wildfires, volcanoes, smog and sea ice. Three more satellites of this type are planned for future.

SWOT: Scheduled for November 2022, this mission aims to determine how much water is contained in the world’s seas, lakes and rivers. It will improve scientists’ understanding of climate change’s impact on freshwater bodies and oceans’ ability to absorb excess heat, greenhouse gases.

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  • These are apart from the highly awaited Artemis mission to the moon. Here’s a little about these missions to give you a head start. Also Read – James Webb, World’s Most Powerful Space Telescope, Fully Deployed in Space; to Study Cosmic History: NASA

  • EMIT: Dust pollution can affect people’s health and trigger algal bloom when deposited in the ocean. Using an imaging spectrometer, scientists will detect visible & infrared light reflected from the ground to investigate the source of the dust and its impact on Earth.