With a self-driving car project, Apple reportedly hits Tesla’s software director

With a self-driving car project, Apple reportedly hits Tesla's software director

An Apple Car has been rumored for years now as there have been hints about the development of this product, and a new one sheds adds to the rumour.

As for Apple’s self-driving car, the iPhone maker reportedly has an undergoing project codenamed “Titan” since 2018. Reports also suggest that Apple has been testing its self-driving cars in California. Apple’s self-driving technology is said to be based on video cameras and LiDAR radars to sense There have been some high-profile hiers for Project Titan as well. Some of these include Porsche’s chassis development vice president.

rumors also suggest Apple initially focused only on the self-driving technology but there’s now a full-fledged autonomous car in the making. The company is reportedly looking for an assembly partner to build the car based on its design. But despite these reports, Apple is yet to publicly announce its self-driving technology or when we can expect an autonomous car. This isn’t surprising since Apple has always remained hush about its products, and never rushed to launch products even years behind its rivals.

Story Highlights

  • From iPhones, AirPods and MacBooks, Apple is rumored to venture into products far away. AR glasses and even an autonomous car can be seen in the near future.

  • According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has hired former Tesla Autopilot software director Christopher Moore. This doesn’t reveal anything concrete but it does hint at the possibility of an autonomous and even electric car from Apple. The report added that Moore will report to Stuart Bowers who is also a former Tesla employee. Moore’s stint at Tesla involved disagreements with claims made by CEO Elon Musk about the company’s Autopilot performance.