With DJ from Hattiesburg, the 14th Annual Black Business Month begins


I’ve made a lot of wonderful friends and have a lot of wonderful acquaintances thanks to my clientele, he added.

I had been a DJ for ten years at the time the epidemic first emerged, claimed Carr. I had a gig every weekend or week at every event for literally ten years. All of it stopped when the epidemic struck, and I was anxious.

We try to work together all year long, added Carr. “We hold the daddy-daughter dance in November. I want to start showing the ropes to aspiring DJs and younger DJs in the future.

Carr claimed that after the pandemic, he could work with other companies again and make investments in young people.

Story Highlights

  • Carr, a graphic designer, disc jockey, and owner of Studio54, is a native of Hattiesburg. Even famous people like comedian Kevin Hart have collaborated with him.

  • Like many other business owners, Carr recognizes the value of flexibility.

His advise to black-owned firms and aspiring business owners is to “put your product out there, whether terrified or ready.” Someone will stand by your side.