Without Any Work Experience At The Party, There Are No Tickets for Relatives of Leaders


Further, the party leader said that there is complete unanimity among panel members on the proposal to ensure that party leaders don’t give tickets to their kin or relatives without any work in the party, at least five years of prior work in the party will be required.

The Chintan Shivir is being held under the leadership of its interim President Sonia Gandhi. The Shivir will discuss the post of the Congress president.

The Congress Chintan Shivir will conclude on May 14 with Rahul Gandhi’s speech.

The Chintan Shivir is being held in the backdrop of the party’s drubbing in the elections to five state assemblies earlier this year. The party has witnessed several electoral losses in the elections held in the past eight years. Congress has also seen the exit of some of its prominent faces.

Story Highlights

  • Congress leader Ajay Maken said, “Any person who is holding a post for five years should have to step down, and there should be a cooling period of at least 3 years for that person to come back on the same post. For more than five years a person should not be on the same post”.

  • Further, Maken said that the party is considering setting up an’ assessment wing’ to gauge the performance of office bearers.