Worcestershire residents should be careful Apple SMS scams

Worcestershire residents should be careful Apple SMS scams

Text message tricking Worcester residents. Don’t click the link; they are after your personal and financial information.” Worcestershire Trading Standards is the local authority that deals with unfair trading and illegal business activity. Police officer dismissed for spending hundreds of taxpayer’s money on radio competitions They rceently warned Worcestershire residents of a similar scam asking people to pay a shipping fee. In this scam, the sender of these texts posed as Evri, the new name for the delivery giant Hermes, which is the biggest parcel delivery company in the UK.

Story Highlights

  • A hoax text message was sent to Worcestershire residents in an attempt to get personal and financial information. Individuals posing as Apple have sent out fraudulent mails informing people that their Apple Pay accounts have been suspended. “We have received a report of #scam text texts claiming to be from @Apple,” a Worcestershire Trading Standards spokeswoman stated. The notifications inform you that your account has been suspended and direct you to a webpage for additional information.