Wordle clones are deleted from via the App Store Apple

Wordle clones are deleted from via the App Store Apple

There are still a few apps using “Wordle” as part of their name, but don’t feature the same gameplay. We wouldn’t be surprised if they were removed too, however. Apple hasn’t yet confirmed that it took action itself, but it’s unlikely each individual developer did. Obvious clones also seem to have vanished from Android.

Story Highlights

  • A large number of Wordle clones appear to have been removed from Apple’s App Store. Following the success of Josh Wardle’s online game, a slew of unlicensed copies for iOS, iPadOS, and Android appeared, many of which copied both the premise and the design of his non-profit work. Before Apple took notice and removed them, several of them began to climb the App Store, with at least one developer gloating about their success.

  • Wardle hasn’t developed an app version of the hit web game himself, nor announced plans to do so. Instead, you can visit the official website and try to solve the daily puzzles on your phone. It’s completely free to play and you don’t have to sign up. Wardle has previously stated that there is no data capture or background shenanigans. Wordle is simply a fun, little game for everyone to enjoy. You can check out more on Wordle in our feature here.