Xbox mobile apps now allow you to share game screens with anyone via the link

Xbox mobile apps now allow you to share game screens with anyone via the link

Xbox mobile apps now support sharing game captures with everyone with a link – onmsft. Com – january 14, 2022. By default, Xbox consoles automatically upload game captures to Xbox Live, and this content is easily accessible from the Xbox mobile apps. Users could already share game captures with their friends on Xbox Live or outside by downloading their content on their phones, but Link Sharing makes this process much more seamless.

Story Highlights

  • Microsoft has made it possible to share Xbox game captures outside of Xbox Live for the first time. A new Link Sharing feature has begun rolling out on the Xbox apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to share any game capture uploaded to Xbox Live with a simple link, as we saw today. You’ll notice a new “Copy Link” option when accessing your game captures on your mobile device, which will produce a link in your clipboard. You may modify your privacy settings in the app to let anybody on the Internet to watch your grabs, or you can make them only visible to friends, in which case they’ll have to check in to Xbox Live on the web to see your footage.

  • Overall, this is an important step in making Xbox Live less of a walled garden, though there’s still more work to be done to make the platform a bit more social. Game captures and Link Sharing also need to make their way to the Xbox app for PC, and could also really use a fresh coat of social paint.