Xbox Re-emphasizes Its Software Focus; There is no Visible Truth

  Xbox Re-emphasizes Its Software Focus;  There is no Visible Truth

Oculus has been working hard to make their standalone headsets work with PC VR and provide hand tracking without the use of controllers. Valve may be concentrating on PC VR on its own, but with reports of a Valve hybrid headset circulating, they might start giving Oculus a run for their money.

Phil Spencer spoke to consumers at a tech event hosted by the Wall Street Journal. During his event, he mentioned VR specifically, and what he said happened to be picked up by Video Games Chronicle. Spencer’s comments about VR began when a viewer asked about Xbox leaving VR behind, calling it a “differentiator” when comparing Xbox to PlayStation. Spencer replied by saying, “I think that when we think about immersion, we think about mixed reality, virtual reality, I’ll even take it to ‘metaverse’, which seems to be the buzzword of the day now,”

He continued to talk about how Xbox and Microsoft are more on the software side of things, stating that a lot of VR content is being made in Windows. “With people building hardware, a lot of that happens on Windows and we experiment and talk to a lot of the partners that are there. I think that the hardware innovation that’s happening is great and it’s an important enabler, [but] right now I’m deciding to stay more in the software side of that enablement. I believe it will scale better in the long run.”

Story Highlights

  • Over the last several years, virtual reality has become increasingly popular in the gaming world. Valve, Oculus, and PlayStation have worked hard to make virtual reality a household term for all types of gamers. While PlayStation is focusing on producing console-ready VR, Valve and Oculus are competing to give the best VR experience.

  • when it comes to console VR, PlayStation users have their PSVR and a possible PSVR2 on the horizon. Nintendo hasn’t put much focus into VR projects outside of their Labo designs. The only company that hasn’t taken a jump into the VR space yet is Xbox. Although it looks like they’re still going to remain in the normal console market, at least, that’s the plan for the company according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.