You want i alternative it depends on the price Apple AirPods?

You want i alternative it depends on the price Apple AirPods?

Or just in a more Android-friendly fashion; the AirPods family is designed for iOS, so the wireless earbuds on this list generally don’t lock certain capabilities to certain mobile platforms.

But Apple’s AirPods aren’t cheap: Apple sells its AirPods with a case for between $159-$199, and for its AirPods Pro, which have a noise-cancelling feature, you’ll pay $249.

Setup is simple (my iPhone immediately recognized and paired with the earbuds via Bluetooth) and these earbuds match the quality and sleek look of Apple’s AirPods Pro. (Apple itself owns Beats now.)

So I tested five of the leading wireless earbud competitors, and these two — both of which have noise-cancelling for a lower price than Apple AirPods Pro — stood out.

Story Highlights

  • The best Apple AirPods alternatives can provide what’s great about the Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro — from high sound quality to a comfortable fit and extensive features — often at a more affordable price point.

  • I’ve been a loyal Apple AirPods user for years now, whether I’m using them on a phone call, listening to music or going for a walk. They’re conveniently portable, easy to charge and most importantly, the sound quality is clear.

In addition to white, they come in red and black and the actual earbuds themselves are shorter than the AirPod Pro model, making them rest more flush against my ear, which I liked. The charging case these come with is smooth yet substantial, with a strong magnetic pull keeping the Studio Buds in place.

Though I tested these with my iPhone, they also work with Android.

With the option of active noise cancelling and transparency mode, you can successfully drown out a whiny 4 year-old (like I did), or listen to music and make phone calls with a crystal clear connection. Other reviewers have noted the same, with CNET saying: “these are excellent earbuds that arguably sound better than the AirPods Pro,” The Guardian writing: “the Studio Buds sound good for everyday listening and have AirPods Pro-matching noise-cancelling, which is very good for the money and size,” and TechRadar noting, “they sound great, with a lively sound quality that elevates the highs and lows of your music.”