Youngstown motorcyclist John Wagner III has been awarded a life insurance policy

Youngstown motorcyclist John Wagner III has been awarded a life insurance policy

Lisbon teen awarded for taking safety seriously

Wagner was hit at the corner of Route 224 and Fairground Boulevard by a teenage driver.

“Those riders are the least protected, and if they’re not making those right decisions and responsible decisions to ride smart and wear this gear, you know that their likelihood of serious injury or death is greater,” said OSHP’s Ray Santiago.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) says 1,026 motorcyclists have been killed across the state since 2016, and 73 percent were not wearing helmets.

Story Highlights

  • John Wagner, III was out for a short motorcycle ride in July 2020 when a car turned in front of him at 35 mph and knocked him 15 feet into the air.

  • “I remember the actual crack of the impact. I can still hear it to this day,” he said.

Wagner broke his pelvis and his gloves were shredded, but he survived because every time he throws a leg over the seat, his helmet is on.

“I have the scratches to show that my head while I come down, the backside here, actually scraped up on the interstate. That would’ve been my head,” Wagner said.

Wagner received a certificate and new helmet on Tuesday from Motorcycle Ohio, which teaches riding classes at Trumbull Career and Technical Center. Wagner had just taken a refresher two months before his accident. “So it’s a great refresher to get back and say, ‘Oh ok, I need to do this. I was doing that.’ Doing just a little change could possibly save your life out there on the road,” said Motorcycle Ohio’s Michelle Piko.

“I hope this story gets shared with people so they can make the same decisions and be safe out here,” Wagner said. There have been nine people recognized this year with the Saved by the Helmet Award. Three more are getting it later this week across Ohio.