YouTube for Android now lets you share certain video chapters

YouTube for Android now lets you share certain video chapters

The web browser version has long had the ability to share time-stamped links that let you send a YouTube video with a specific time-coded portion to your friends, as the video will start from the time entered by you, and people do not waste time going through the entire video search for relevant portions. The new feature stops short of the full timestamp sharing functionality we see on desktop, but it is one step closer to that, at least.

If a video includes the timestamp tagged sections, you will see the chapter title on the playback progress bar. Tap on the chapter link at the bottom of the video, this will expand the pre-sectioned chapters out with time codes for each portion and a share button allowing you to send it on using the Android system share sheet.

This might be a neat way to share content from your mobile for organised creators with chapters already present. However, users will not be able to access this menu on your Android phone if the YouTube video you are watching does not include chapters.

The person you share the YouTube link with will receive the link with a timestamp that will play the video exactly from that timestamp. Android Police first spotted this feature.

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  • YouTube has bagged naming rights to a 6,000-seat performance venue in Los Angeles that it plans to use for concerts and award shows. While YouTube is the second most popular website on the internet, it is not easy to share video links with a specific timestamp. However, that is set to change as the YouTube app for Android is set to introduce the ability to share video chapters directly.

  • Google introduced chapters in YouTube videos last year, and they have become popular with creators and audiences to skip to relevant parts of longer videos. The chapters on YouTube contain titles and show up as markers on the video seek bar, marking the beginning and end of chapters. Google is said to be testing machine learning-powered, auto-generated chapters so we could start seeing more videos with them included.

The tech giant YouTube has secured the naming rights to a 6,000-seat performance venue in a ten-year deal with Hollywood Park in Los Angeles, California. As the performance venue opens in mid-summer for award shows, concerts, YouTube creator events, and more, YouTube aims to bring artists and fans together in a new way while inspiring the next generation of creators, the company said.